Back up or transfer their YouTube subscription channels to another account using YST Edge extention

Many days ago, I had just one YouTube account solely for watching videos. I subscribed to a lot of my favorite YouTube channels, and the list kept adding up to over 900 channels. I regularly used this YouTube account. However, one day, YouTube removed my account without any reason. I felt really bad about this, so I created another account. The problem now is that I don't remember all 900+ channels I was subscribed to.

Now this situation, I created an extension that makes it easy to transfer all of my subscribed channels to another YouTube account. Here is the YouTube shorts how this extension looks like.
Extension name: Youtube Subscriptions Transfer

I hope you can try using this extension to back up your channel lists. Maybe you have had a similar experience and find it useful.

I used XPath to extract data from the YouTube page. I noticed that YouTube has started an A/B test for a new layout, so I design a system XPath from my repository for quick updates. Now, I'm wondering what the best way is to extract data from the page. Should I continue developing another app using the YouTube API?

I'm curious if you have any suggestions for adding new options or ideas that I could apply to improve this extension and make it more helpful for many people.

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